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Art Projects - Winter-Spring 2021

Study in a sketchbook- Vegetables and fruits- Grade 4 (Clara P.)
Mardi Gras- Collage - Miss Catherine’s K
Mae Jamison- astronaut- Black History Month -Pastel- Grade 3
Le Jardin des Tarots - papier mâché- Grade 6
Winter sports- Bodies in movement- Collage -Cycle 2 and Jardin des Tarots - Grade 6
Tête fruitée- ( Arcimboldo funny faces) - Oil pastel- Grade 4 - Gia
Silhouette of a bird- Stencil with dry pastel and collage- Grade 4
Kandinsky Abstract painting- When music meets painting - Gouache- Cycle 1
Traces and engraving in modelling clay- PK and K
Saint-Patrick - Drawing and mixing colors - Matilda’s Leprechaun

Art Projects - September 2020 -February 2021

I am an artist- drawing with markers- ALL)
Nos citrouilles à pois à la manière de Yayoi Kusama - Dry pastel and markers - cycle 1
Masques rigolos- Façonnage- 3e année
Village enchanté - Gouache- 1er cycle
Christmas and Hanukkah mice- Painted modelling clay - Cycle II
Final result
Quilling- cycle I
Love banners - Printing with our own heart stencils - Cycle I
Amanda Gorman poster- Markers - PK and K

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